Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jackson Part III

 They say that, "Third time's the charm."  Well, it wasn't for us.
 We got rained out on the Alpine Slide for the third time, so we decided to do something unexpected.  We took a ride on the stagecoach.
 Hayden got to ride up top with the driver and he took us around town and we quite enjoyed it.  When we finished, we went to get in the car and found a ticket on our windshield stating that our registration had expired.  Sure enough, the rental car company hadn't renewed the registration in June.  Martin noticed the time the officer had written on the ticket and we only missed him by a few minutes.  Martin suggested we try to find him to clear things up.  Hayden and I went East and Martin and Henry went West.
 We went "off Square" and saw some delightful things.  This house, for instance.  It is now a law firm, but it was quaint.
 This little residence had the sweetest little stream running through its back yard.  How cool to have a bridge in your back yard!
 We found this little hardware store.
 These little plants were appealing.
 They were planted right in front of the Mountain Man Store.
 We found this public art in an alley.
 We met up with Martin and Henry and topped off our search by meeting some of our favorite people.  Hello, Ben Franklin.
 How are you, Mr. Moose?
 Mr. Einstein,
 and Mr. Lincoln.
About then the storm started rolling in, so we decided to take the car back to the airport (where we originally rented it), and make an exchange.

We came back to town and ate at Dolce.  I would eat there again.  And again.  I think you get the point.  The homemade mini donuts were amazing.

Funny thing, all this time spent in Jackson just makes we want to go back.  One of my most favorite places.  Sigh.


  1. I agree, We are going there again this weekend. Should be a lot of sales because the tourist season is over.

  2. I agree too. What is it... the fresh air, the small town country atmosphere, the cozy valley it's's addicting.