Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let's End this Already!

 This is the last chapter of our vacation.  (Finally.)  The last few days were spent at the Madison County Fair.  I had resistance at first from the boys, but they went for three days straight as well as the evening activities.  They had a ball.  
They loved the chickens.
And the sheep.
 They loved to watch this duck dance.
 We took in a hypnotist show,
 And met Deputy Dog.
 Then we did the unthinkable and BOUGHT this dog.  Meet Finn.
 We booked him a seat on the airplane and drove to Salt Lake with him.  We stopped every hour or so to let him to go the bathroom.  He was a little freaked out as it was his first long car ride.  Our last potty break was in Salt Lake at the Mormon Battalion Monument.  There was a nice little park and we got to view the statuary.
 This was my first time there.
 It was lovely.
 And Informative.
 We had a little snack break as well as some
play time.

For those who were asking,  Finn did not like the ride on the airplane.  He enjoyed the flight from the comfort of his kennel shoved under the seat in front of me.  He was terrified - so terrified that he didn't make a peep.  We were afraid he was going to cry the whole way, but he manned up and did ok.

We all did ok.  We miss Idaho as usual, but being home is good too.  Until next time!

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  1. Finn sure is a cute dog. I am glad he did fine on the airplane ride.