Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 Hayden has been waiting for his Halloween costume to arrive in the mail.  Today it did.
 It fit like a glove.
 There's even an advertisement on the bum.
 His friend, Karson, stopped by shortly after our modeling session and saw the costume folded on the counter.  He said, "Hey, that's what I'm being for Halloween!"  He has the exact same costume.  They celebrated by playing Lego Batman on the computer.
 Our new puppy, Finn, tried to break up the celebration.  He likes to hide under the couch and wait for someone to kick his big blue ball across the room.  Then he chases it.  He thought the boys would play with him.  He was wrong.  He waited and waited and waited.
 The ball just sat.  He waited and waited some more.  Well, you get the picture.
It seems that the two morph-heads could not tear themselves away from Lego Batman while the dog died from neglect.  Just kidding.  I ended up kicking the big blue ball around the house while puppy got his exercise.  Morph boys never moved.  Amazing.

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