Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Latest

 Let me just say this.  Before I use bananas in a recipe they must be black. Not moldy, but black.  This drives Martin crazy and I will often find my bananas missing.  He thinks I have let my bananas go to waste, but I am merely aging them to perfection.  I have to be careful or I will find them in the garbage can.  I stopped him a few days ago as he was walking to the garbage can with my two black bananas. Then I made these banana cookies.  They are fully cooked in the picture and taste as interesting as they look.  Henry liked them a lot.  Maybe not a keeper, but two black bananas' were spared from garbage can hell.
 Target has their flannel sheet sets out for this winter season. $24.00 a set!
 I'm making a quilt for me.
 Here are the sister strips waiting to be made.
 Have you tried this?  Very interesting.
 I'm also making a baby gift.
 More of the baby gift.
From one of my favorite books.  Ever.

Today is also Canton Eve.  I haven't been to Canton since February and I am wet-my-pants excited!  I've been saving my pesos and am ready for a full day of shopping in beautiful fall weather.  October is my favorite month to go because there are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas items for sale. All y'all are welcome to come.  Bus pulls out at 8am. Sharp.

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  1. The cookies look interesting, the quilt will be cute, but I am envious about Canton Eve. Have a great time and spend some money for me!