Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Witch Is In

 We have been a little slow getting Halloween off the ground this year., but we are going to sprint to the finish line!  I finally got the front yard in cemetery order and now I finished hanging the last spider web inside, so I did a little baking yesterday.  Yes, the cauldron was boiling.
 Henry needed some snacks for his Young Men's activity, so I checked the expiration dates on my cake boxes and my yellow cake mix was a "go".  So was the vanilla frosting-in-a-can.  I have never used the vanilla on the yellow cake before. We always go with the traditional chocolate on yellow.
We built the spider webs and after it was all done, we all agreed these were better!  Nothing fancy, but at least we are getting this holiday going!


  1. You got a thumbs up from me! They look awesome!

  2. I feel like I've missed so much on my non-intentional blogging break. You are amazing, woman.