Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This Is What We Have Become

 Ok, have you seen the commercial where all the crazy parents try to kill each other to get the picture of their child during the school play?  Well, that is where I was last Thursday night.  It wasn't a play, but Hayden's music class put on a Bucket Drum Performance.  Because of scheduling, we arrived about five minutes late. They really hadn't started yet, but our seats were in the back.  Holy Cow.  Can you say "Crazy Parent Mayhem?  Seriously, that dude with the white hair saw nothing.  He probably drove 100 miles to see his grandkid perform.
 I didn't even try to get a picture at first, then I thought, "What the heck?  I'll just work my way through the crowd.  Nuh. Uh.  No one was budging, so I just put my arms up and hoped for the best.  The results were terrible.
 They gave us a moment at the end to take pictures near the stage.  This picture is terrible because so many people were pressing in that I had to shoot it quick before I fell over.
Finally, I just grabbed Hayden and took him to a corner of the room and took this photo.  I mean, I can understand if this was world class, say Olympic-size, but school cafeteria Bucket Drumming?  I'm surprised I didn't get head-butted.  Just sayin'.

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