Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yard Ready

 Yesterday, we tried on costumes just to make sure they fit.  I checked the yard to make sure everything was ready for trick-or-treaters.  I realized I hadn't taken any pictures, so here is our Halloween yard.  Keep in mind, we have had two days of wind and storms, so things are looking a little ragged.

I decided to add lots of color to our entry.  It always amazes me how much the colors in nature trump anything I could ever come up with.  Can you see the white pumpkins hiding?
 This is the first year we have had our witch.  She is amazing and hopefully scary for tonight's visitors.
 Every year someone has the best pumpkins. This year it was Trader Joe's.  Hands down.  Cheapest and most interesting.
 They had tons of warty pumpkins and I fell in love with them.
 This is our little graveyard.  Another first for us.  I'm sure it will expand as the years go by.  I mean, people die, right?  We finally found a great place to hang our spider cocooned man.  He fits right in with all the other dead people.
 This is how it looks driving up.  As the trees grow bigger, our little cemetery will have the perfect home.
 Happy Halloween, everyone!

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