Saturday, November 2, 2013


 I was able to get Samson into his costume.
 Finn, however, was having none of it.  I had hoped he would be Batman, but he had other plans.

If I had my wish, I would have dressed him like this.
We were invited to a friend's home for dinner and trick-or-treating.  Hayden is in the morphsuit and Henry is the Plague Doctor in the black robe.  So proud.

The boys actually trick-or-treated with their friends on their own this year.  They no longer needed the big people to help them out.  I've lost another responsibility.  Maybe they'll take over cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I'd let that one go.

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  1. Milestone... no parental supervision trick or treating. It's as good as not having to eat where there's a playground attached. Love it.