Saturday, December 7, 2013

Still Frozen

Most of my trees are bent over, cocooned in ice.  This is not good.
 My trampoline has a thick layer of ice on top.  It has kept the boys from going outdoors.  This is not good.
 My Red Oak tree is still tall and holding her own, but she is encased in ice.  Not good.
 My little ornamental Red Bud Tree is doing better then most.  She is the baby of all the trees we planted last year.
 No pretty patterns on our windows.  Just ice blasts that are not going to melt any time soon.
 The view from my front door.  My red Nandinas are covered in ice and my Lavenders are bowing to the weight of the ice.
 These are the last of the the Thanksgiving pumpkins.  The boys were supposed to take them to the garbage on Thursday after school, but the storm rolled in before they got the chance.
 This tree is normally about 20+ feet tall.  He is completely bent over.  This morning we noticed a huge crack down the center of the largest branch.  I'm afraid we are going to lose him.
At first the weatherman said we would be melted by this afternoon, but that has changed and we will not hit the 30s until Monday or later.  Hayden's 5th Grade Camp was cancelled this morning along with all Church activities for today and Sunday.  The boys both have birthday parties tonight.  I have not yet heard from the mothers, but I'm expecting calls.  Our neighbors across the main street have been without power since Thursday at midnight.  The people across from this fence have been running generators since Thursday night, so we know they are without power.  For some reason, we have been spared.  Whew.  Warmth is welcome.

The boys have had neighborhood friends over since Friday and we have dressed them in their ski gear and they have been sledding down our frozen street.  All day yesterday and since breakfast this morning.  They are having a ball.  That is good.

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