Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I made it home on Sunday night. I slept and could have never woke up, BUT, I had to get up and the get the kids to school, get myself together and take Mom to the airport.  I was home by 9:45am.  Yikes.

I really just wanted to climb back into bed and SLEEP.  I made myself stay up and make the transition back to Texas time.

It's Wednesday now and I can think again.  Martin stayed on in Europe for business in Scotland and will be home tonight.  The boys are very excited to see him.  He has been gone nearly the whole month.

True confessions:  I forgot to take my camera to France!  Ha.  Not so funny, but I used my phone camera the whole time to Instagram a little.  I know I can download the photos of our trip to my laptop to send to the blog, but I usually don't do it that way, so I have no idea where Martin keeps his cables.  Tomorrow - pictures.

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