Wednesday, February 12, 2014


 During my layover at London's Heathrow airport, I bought a green purse!  I mean, I was delayed an hour and sat next to a lovely English lady, who lives in Toulouse, France.  She was sweet and gave me some good hints about France and then told me I should take the train to Albi while in Toulouse.  I relayed this information to Martin and we looked into "things to do" in Albi.  There were several, so off we went.  We did't take the train because we had a car, but we enjoyed it just the same.  The GPS took us to the center of Albi, which is this street corner.  It looked promising.  We found a place to park the car and started walking.
 Albi is a divided city - by the river anyway.  We started on one side then crossed to the other.  The views were spectacular.

 We stopped and had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants - Herytage.
 We went back to walking after lunch and visited the old monastery turned museum.  I think the grounds were more spectacular than the art, but both were worth the trip.

 We went out on the grounds and walked around for quite awhile.  We could see the city and the river and it was beautiful.

 We really enjoyed Albi.  Martin really liked the feel of it.  We could have spent several days there.  Next time!

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