Saturday, February 8, 2014

Knock Knock

 I think it was the second to last day that I told Martin I should be photographing all these fabulous doors in France.  By that time, we were basically heading back to Toulouse and packing up to go home. I had missed my opportunity.
 Looking through all my photographs I found that I did take some pictures of doors.  This one belongs to the only quilt shop in Toulouse.  It was quaint.
 I was enamored with the doors, shutters and everything else that provided entry into the buildings in the part of France we visited. 
 This was a door inside a castle.  Basic brown, but it's spectacular.
 This one is part of a church.  Nothing plain about it.
 Cemetery sepulchre.  Check. 
 Isn't that color fabulous?
It's only a back door, but so much style.  Tiny nails everywhere.  Next time we go back to France, I am spending a whole day photographing doors.  Promise.

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