Monday, February 17, 2014

Day of Love

 It seems like V-day this year was geared to Hayden.  This is his last year of elementary school, so he wanted to go all out for his last Valentine's Day party.  He didn't want just plain old valentines to hand out, he wanted something more memorable.  We decided to make marshmallow bouquets.  He stamped the cards with red lips and gave one to each classmate.
 His class also had a Valentine Box decorating contest.  He initially wanted to make a "What Does the Fox Say?" box, but eventually settled on the castle with the drawbridge.  He didn't win first place, but got lots of votes.  The Hot Air Balloon box won.
 At home, I gave everyone valentines.  I found this banner at Joann's for half price and hung it in the kitchen.
 I liked the vintage look.
And the sentiment. 
 I found these giant cards at Target and gave one to each of the boys,
 along with a box of chocolates.
I had never done a V-day wreath, but so many people in our neighborhood did, and they really perked the place up.  I found this shiny one at Hobby Lobby for $7.00.  Bargain.

Martin and I went to lunch at Mango Thai.  We love going there.  For dinner we had pizza and watched the Olympics with the boys and got to bed a little early.  It's a bummer to be boring, but I got to spend the day with all my sweethearts.  The Best.

Happy V-day!

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