Thursday, March 27, 2014

No Clue

I have no idea where I have left off with the timeline of my life.  Therefore, today's post will be a little random.
Have we discussed this?  I picked this little beauty up in the London airport during my layover to France in January.  It's the most beautiful green leather purse.  Ever.
 I almost convinced Martin to buy this for me.  It's a purse that can be used as a muff!  He wan't so convinced.
Let's see.  We made this.  Lemon cake with fresh berries and lemon glaze.  It came from a lemon cupcake recipe and we improvised.  Heavenly.
Loved this vintage quilt at McKinney Trade Days.  I wasn't in buying mode, so I didn't even ask the price.
This little guy is gone.  He was every bit the Border Collie he was supposed to be.  That meant we just couldn't keep up.  He needed a JOB.  So with heavy heart, we started looking.  And only in Texas could we have found the right match.  He is now living in Caddo Mills, near Gainesville, on a cattle ranch!  The family has 4 little girls and they spoil him rotton.  And most important he is herding cattle, well at least they are teaching him all about it.  There are days I miss him, but let's be honest.  There are days I'm glad I have my life back.

Speaking of getting my life back.  Thanks Dr. Walters for doing such a great job with my procedure last Monday!  I can walk again and yesterday I was able to DRIVE.  I got to drop off the dry cleaning, go to the bank and pick up my contact lenses.  Freedom!  I even picked up Hayden from school.  So grateful for the little thing.  They are everything.

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