Thursday, March 20, 2014

Can I Get Any Farther Behind?

 We have been home from Spring Break since Sunday and I'm still folding laundry.  I got most of the gear put away today except for the boots.
 We really had a fun time in Colorado this year.
The weather was perfect for skiing - and shopping.
We had a kitchen in our condo and it was nice to eat all of our meals together.  Around a table.
And it was warm.  We have stayed at winter locations before where it was not warm.  Warmth is good.
 Our little village was charming.  Because my back was distressed I didn't get out much until the end of the trip.  I took village pictures with my phone.
I didn't get pictures of the Outlet Mall, but it was nice.  72% off at Coach nice.
 This was my favorite spot in the village.  The large copper ball had a gas fire inside it and it was beautiful and functional.  It was warm.
I finally got a picture of the boys as we were loading the car and getting ready to drive home.

We got back to Texas rain and wind.  It has kept me inside for the last few days where I have been recovering and resting.  I will have shots for my back on Monday and then life will get caught up again.

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