Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I still have catching up to do.   Let's start with the Relief Society Birthday Party that happened while I was not walking.  They said it was a wonderful party.  They said I should have been there.  They said I would have loved it.  Of course I would have loved it.  I planned it!  Seriously, no hard feelings.  My ladies did everything the way they were supposed to, so I'm confident it was a success.  They are super talented.  The only problem  is the lack of photos of the event.  I did get a shot of the cupcake cups before I handed them off .  I'm sure that says it all.
 Before we left on our Colorado Spring Break trip, Henry was honored, along with several other 7th and 8th graders, for his participation in UIL. Don't ask me what UIL means, but they have UIL teams that represent everything in the fine and liberal arts categories.  Henry was invited to be in "Number Sense", which is a number crunching team that relies on speed and accuracy.  He placed 4th in the district.
These are all the students who participated in the academic UILs. Smarty pantses.
 I also went to the Dallas Quilt Show before Spring Break.  I usually go by myself and am free to take pictures and shop in the privacy of my own little world.  I went with a friend this year on Friday, instead of Saturday and ran into lots of ladies that I know and spent the time talking with my friend and everybody else. 
 Very little photography happened and not so much spending.  Yeah, I was shocked too.
The theme this year was "Modern Quilting".  It is not my favorite style, but these quilts were amazing.

Tonight we go with the boys to Cotillion.  Welcome to the South, y'all.

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