Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm Moving

I got this Ralph Lauren home dec fabric several years ago when we were in New Hampshire.  There is a fabulous warehouse that I frequent called Martin's House of Cloth.  Right when you walk in there is a table stacked high with pre-cut pieces of Ralph and a few others for only a few dollars a yard.  Yeah, I find things like that. 
 Since I have been evicted from my sewing room and am being forced into the spare bedroom, I have been asked to turn the space into a comfortable place to relax and do homework (read "Man Cave").  This new room will require some window coverings, so my Ralph remnant seemed like the appropriate piece to compliment The Cave.  I think a paisley trim completes it.
 Before Man Cave.
 Current guest room and soon to be Sewing Room.
For those of you who have stayed with us, there is no need to worry.  My sewing table is easily disassembled and voila!  It becomes a happy sleeping space again.
The only way I would agree to move was the promise of storage space.  Martin got to work and converted the closet.
He and the boys worked to add shelves to give me enough room to store my fabric and lots of other stuff to keep my tiny space workable.

We are in the process of switching rooms and should be finished by next weekend when our next guest arrives.

"After" pictures soon.

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