Thursday, May 15, 2014

Am I?

 I've never watch that Hoarder show, but sometimes I wonder if I have the gene.  If you came to my house you would tell me not to worry.  We do a lot of purging here.  But, lately,  I've been obsessing about two things.  1.  Old windows.  My collection is just starting and I haven't even decided where they are going end up.  There's another flea market this weekend and I'm sure there will be more to add to my stash.
2.  Old Bed Frames.  It's hard to see how many are actually leaning against the garage wall, but there are at least five.  The pink ones are my favorite. I'm thinking garden area with vines climbing all around them.  I'm tempted to keep the pink ones pink, but I may have to do a little painting.  Bluish green is calling to me.  I think I'll leave the mustard one mustardy.

Anyhoo, there are projects to be done, but life is happening, so until I become a little more free, I guess I'll be hoarding.

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