Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vintage Market Days

 I mentioned before that I attended Vintage Market Days on Mother's Day Weekend.  It is a traveling vintage market that came to McKinney for it's first time.  It was enjoyable.
 Vintage threads!  I bought all the dark purpley-pink ones.  I paid about $1.00 each.  Bargain!
 There was a live band.  It was awesome.
 There were lots of booths like this one - filled with cool stuff.
 Look at these unique dolls.  Their arms and legs are knives and spoons.  Cute.
 This one was one of my favorites.  Their shop was inside the pink trailer. It was cozy in there.
We've been looking for a bench for our front yard.  I have found several wooden ones, but Martin insists on metal.  I found this fabulous metal bench made from an old bed frame and I fell. in. love.  I texted Martin the picture and he gave me the biggest "no" he has ever given.  I told him later that I am sure that someday my good taste will rub off on him.  He was not amused. 
 If you watched the runway shows this year, you would know that pearls are "it".  Of course, I had to indulge.
 If Chanel says, "Buy pearls," I buy pearls.  Pearl cuff.  Whee!
 I couldn't believe this artwork on loose canvas pieces.  Love. Love. Love.
 I'm going to have them framed and give them to Metal Bench guy for Father's Day.

 In the same booth, these cards/bookmarks were only $1.25 each.  I should have bought them all.  So precious.
 My favorite.
A gift for someone, I'm sure.

I went on Friday and intended on going back on Saturday, but it was too busy around here.  One day was just not enough!  Hopefully they will come back next year - with the metal bench, of course.  I'll have Martin converted by then.

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