Monday, May 12, 2014

Big Weekend

 So, this weekend was big.  I took another French Macaron class from my friend, Lorie Fangio.
 I totally failed at making these white chocolate raspberry scones.  Yeah, I was fooled by the name too.  As my kids would say, "Epic Fail, Mom."
 Got the Thank-You cards made for Hayden's teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.  (This is a conspiracy, I swear)  These teachers get more gifts than anyone!  Not that they don't deserve it, but I mean, I have to budget for all the sweeties that I send their way.
 I went to the Vintage Market and was totally in my element.  A zillion pictures for a later post.
 I received a crepe myrtle tree from Hayden for Mother's Day.  I love it.
I totally went addict on this Marshmallow Frosting.  Let's just not mention it was spread on a dozen S'Mores cupcakes - part of my Mother's Day package.  I could eat the whole bowl.  Someone had to stop me - it was an intervention.  I'm recovering today.

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