Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spidey 2

As I was trying to get the boys to bed last night, I happened to notice a large black blob under my kitchen cabinets.  I didn't need to be introduced.  I knew immediately who it was.

"Henry," I said, "Kill it."

I pointed it out and he got to work.  Let's just say I knew spider season was imminent, as it is every spring/summer in Texas.  I just wasn't expecting such a big one - YET.

He got down on it's level and crushed it with his bare hands and a Brawny paper towel, of course.  End of story.

Or not!  Suddenly zillions of tiny baby blobs exploded (and I mean Exploded) all over the kitchen floor.

I wasn't even fast enough to get my camera.  Both boys got on it and destroyed them.  Yep, my boys are the spider slayers.  Eat your heart out, Buffy.

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