Monday, June 16, 2014

In a Nutshell

The last two weeks of school were so crazy that I seriously have trouble cataloging it in my brain.  It was hectic.  Not to mention, we had a fifth grader who graduated - I mean, promoted, as they say here.  It was a big deal, y'all.  Come on, people.  It's 5th grade, not Harvard.

Anyhoo, I left the afternoon school got out to go to Arizona.  My boys left the next morning.  That was the crazy part.  I never got to decompress from the madness before hitting the road.

So . . .here it is.

 Henry competed with his bassoon in a district solo event.  He got top honors.  I know one picture doesn't cut it, but this represents several weeks of overtime practicing, driving to and from school, meeting with his accompanist and finally performing for his judge.  Not to mention he had to compete for his band placement next year.  He got top band and received the honor of First Chair.  Very proud of him!
 Hayden's 5th grade class has a 6 week "Decades" commemoration.  Every week they studied a different decade of our history and dressed accordingly.  This was the 1970's.  I couldn't convince him to wear the platform shoes.  He just didn't get it.
Hayden was promoted to the 6th grade during an elaborate ceremony at his elementary school.  We are very proud of him.
 At the end of the ceremony the kids all ran around taking selfies with their friends.  I let Hayden borrow my camera.  When I looked at these photos I was amazed that he was photo bombed in nearly all of them.  Hey I just used two words totally not from my generation in one paragraph.  I am legit.
 Check out the kid who photo bombed twice.
 Look who photo bombed this one and didn't even know it.
 This is Hayden's favorite teacher.  That's funny enough, but check out the kid in the back ground.  Photo bomb!
I don't think this guy was photo bombing.  He just wasn't tall enough to make the cut.

I'm so glad it's all over!  We had a great year, but I'm ready for summer.  Who's with me?

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