Saturday, June 28, 2014


It is 6:00pm and we just finished dinner.  I haven't showered yet today and I finally got my teeth brushed around 3:15pm.  No one is sick and there is no excuse for this behavior.

I have stalked Facebook, pinned Pinterest and commented on Instagram. The boys are building a model airplane in the dining room and I just took old-fashioned lemon bars out of the oven.

Martin took an extremely long nap before we even got to lunch time.  I had plans to go to Sam's Club, start a gardening project and post on my blog.  Guess which one will get done.

We have agreed to start a movie marathon tonight and carry it through the weekend.  I think I will pop popcorn for everyone.

The weather has been remarkable for June in Texas.  The temperatures have been in the 80's all month with little humidity.  I checked next week's weather and starting Monday, we will be near 100 degrees.  Therefore, I have declared today and tomorrow full-on days of rest, because on Monday, the party is over and summer will be here - with a vengence.

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