Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Summer But Not Really

I'm not sure when summer vacation is going to start.  I usually know we're in full swing when I keep hearing, "I'm boooored," about a hundred times a day and when Henry and Hayden can't stop bickering.

None of that is happening yet.
 We left Texas the day that school let out to go to Arizona.  As soon as we got back, Henry left the next day to go to Scout Camp.  Martin went up to Scout Camp for two days and that left Hayden and me to hang out.  It hasn't felt right yet.
What did feel right was some down time in Arizona.  We swam, we shopped and enjoyed extended family.

On the shopping end, Hayden found this pair of green jeans.  Nobody got the joke about him being Mr. Green Jeans.  Nobody.
 After the festivities surrounding Sean's missionary farewell, we did some touristy things on our own.  We visited some of the art galleries of Old Scottsdale and took some pictures of the sidewalk statues.

You can see the utter excitement of my children as they make memories. 
 It was fun to check out Gilbert Ortega.  These kachina dolls are as shocked as we were at the 40% off sale.
 After wandering around in the hot sun, we had sundaes at the Sugar Bowl.
Martin actually stole mine.  He's not really a pink guy.
 I think that's the most emotion I've gotten out of Henry for awhile.
The hotel where we stayed was hosting a "Time to Blossom" Conference.  We saw sister Dalton every morning at breakfast.  You can see that everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Unfortunately, I am never that bright eyed in the morning. In fact,  I typically eat breakfast in my pajamas with my hair completely untouched since rolling out of bed.  I didn't mean to stalk her, but I did.

Henry returns this Saturday and Hayden takes off on Monday for his camp.  I may be looking at a quiet start to summer.  It's been great to have personal time with Hayden.  Next week we'll see how much trouble the 13-year old I can get into.

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