Saturday, July 19, 2014

It Was Odd

 Yesterday it was Friday.  In July.  It was also McKinney Trade Days.  In July.  We never go to McKinney Trade Days in July unless we have visitors and want to show them a good time.  Then we sweat.  However, we had a Polar Vortex kind of day and it just happened to fall on Trade Days.  
 I took Henry with me and he suggested we try the new Wood Fire Pizza Place.  Well worth it, but that meant we missed the turkey leg and deep fried corn.  Like I said - the day was odd.
 Have you ever seen anything as lovely as this?  Longhorn BBQ.  Neither have I, but now I know I'm in Texas.
 Usually, in July and August the animals are not permitted at Trade Days.  No cats, dogs, chickens, turkeys or ferrets permitted due to heat.  But yesterday, someone broke the rules and these were the only four-legged friends we could find.  Precious.  That little white one bit my hand.  You think baby fingernails are sharp.  Well, puppy teeth are right up there.  Ouch.
 Henry and I left Trade Days to go to Hayden's second horse show.  He liked horse camp so much, we sent him to round 2.  When we got there, he was quite upset.  His horse, Chico, had come up lame that morning and they had to put him away for the day, so Hayden got to ride Farrah.  He was worried about Chico, and told me he was worried that Farrah was going to make trouble for him.  She did.  Even his coach said that Farrah was a pill.  She just happened to be the only horse available.  Hayden did well despite Miss Farrah's shenanigans.
 Wouldn't it be great to be the barnyard kitty cat?
 Hayden let us watch him take care of Miss Farrah at the end of the show.
 I couldn't help but notice the beautiful hairdo of the neighboring horse.
Miss Farrah was giving me the eye.  I see what you mean, Hayden.  Let's all say a prayer for Chico.

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