Monday, July 21, 2014

MId-Summer Catch-up

 We are approximately mid-way through summer break.  Here's what been going down.  After a trip to Arizona and Boy Scout camp for Henry, the boys have been taking shooting lessons from this young man in the orange shirt - Casey.  He is a National Junior Champion shooter and he's helping them both get their groove on in the shooting department.
 Hayden completed a week of Horse Camp with his main man Chico.
 This lovely young woman rear-ended me.  We exchanged information - after she called her office and they delivered her purse to her, because that's where her license was.  We waited for the police to come because she was driving her boss's car and after calling the boss, she demanded we have an officer write things down.  Needless to say we waited for the police for an hour before they arrived.  It was pre Polar Vortex, so we sweated in 100 degree weather.  Waiting.  When all was said and done, we went home.  The End.
Varmints have been everywhere from June Bugs to Bull Frogs.  Lovely.
Henry attended Bassoon Camp.  Always a treat.  They put on a concert for the families on the last day of camp.  Like I said - always a treat.
There have been so many opportunities for my boys to "serve".  They actually call it torture and swear that I am the only person in the world who makes their kids do chores during summer break.  One of Henry's chores was to help me decorate the front porch. This has required moving rocks, planting plants and painting pots.  He is overjoyed.  Tomorrow we plant the last plant and then he will be the photographer.
Hayden did one more week of Horse Camp.
Henry has learned to make granola.  He does a good job too.  It is his favorite afternoon snack and he goes through it like a maniac.  Actually he is going through all food like a maniac.  He is growing and for the record, he finally passed me.  About three weeks ago, we measured and he was still 1/4" shorter than me.  We measured again last week and he is now 1/2" taller than me.  He never lets me forget it.  Never.  Ever.

Today was the first day I had both boys together.  It has been great!  I know they're going to like each other eventually.  Ha.  Actually, they are doing well and are excited for our upcoming travel adventure.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I thought my kids were the only who thought that about the chore! ha ha I can't believe Henry has passed you up in height