Monday, August 11, 2014

Not So Timely

 Today is August 11th.  Nearly mid-August.  School actually starts in about two weeks, so it would seem rather pointless to say that my summer porch is now ready.
 I'm not sure if it is due to laziness, or poor execution, but I really did start early.  I found the three-piece bird and finnial yard art at Home Goods early on in spring.  I had Henry spray paint the tall black pot into a tall white pot the week school got out.
 The following two weeks I spent searching out my plants and getting everything potted.  I've had several compliments on my little "tree" and several questions about my "bowling pins".
 So I guess the porch was finished about a month ago, but I wanted to dress up my big pots.  I found some vintage burlap sacks at Trade Days and put my two big pots inside of them.  I tied one with a bow.
The other I placed under a tree in the front yard.

I'm hoping they will continue on into fall because I'm not sure if unveiling my fall porch during Christmas Vacation would be acceptable.

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