Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Still Down

It all backfired - all my good intentions to rid my house of disease.  I did send the husband and boys back to work/school last Monday, but I got a call from Hayden's doctor on Tuesday telling me that his culture that was sent off to the lab came back positive for STREP A.

Off we went back to the doctor for a penicillin shot.  Not Pleasant.  He did seem to rebound and has since been cured. (Crossing fingers.)

Not so lucky with Henry.  On Wednesday last, I had this nagging feeling that I should take him back to the doctor.  It had something to do with the fact that he said he couldn't breathe when he laid on his left side.  Hmmmmm.

I made the appointment and took him back to his doctor.  She agreed with me and sent us off for an x-ray of his chest.  I got a call later that afternoon saying that Henry has pneumonia in his left lower lung.  


He is now taking breathing treatments every 4 hours, an antibiotic twice a day, 5 steroid pills once a day and using his inhaler morning and night.  We did that over the weekend and took him back to the doctor on Monday morning.  It is still persisting, so we are continuing with all the medications and could add another antibiotic if it doesn't clear up by the weekend!   

He is back to school, but he has to take a breathing treatment everyday at lunch.

Yes, there is Ebola in Dallas, but it is not us.  Yet.

Stay tuned.

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