Friday, September 19, 2014

More Words

I told myself I would not post again until I could figure out how to get my photos to behave, but I have had no time to deal with that.

My house is sick.

Martin has pretended not to be sick since last Sunday.  He hasn't fooled me.  He says he's "working from home".  I know he's just trying to avoid going to the doctor.  Not his thing.

Henry has been doing a lot of coughing since Monday.  He says he's "fine."  I know better.

Hayden got a sore throat and a fever yesterday, so I knew I could salvage this sick thing and get people on the mend and out of my house.

I went to a baby shower last night and left Martin in charge.  When I got home, he told me that Hayden's fever got worse so he sent him to bed early with medicine.  He also told me that he decided to check Henry as well and HE showed signs of fever.  Yes!.

I re-checked the boys this morning and the fever is ON.  I took them both to the doctor and asked Martin if he wanted me to make an appointment for him as well.  He said he "didn't think so."

Whilst at the doctor's office, I tattled on Martin and asked Doctor Smith's advice.  He said he had one appointment time left for this afternoon and would hold it for Martin.

I'm now on my way to pick up three different prescriptions for my not sick people.  When I return it will be time for Martin's appointment with Doctor Smith.

My goal for complete liberation is Monday morning.  Husband back to work and kids in school.  I have doctor's notes and I'm not afraid to use them.

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