Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Girls Weekend

 Martin and I just got back from the East Coast.  He had some business and I had some pleasure. Since I am still catching up, I would rather talk about a recent adventure and will catch you up with East Coast soon.  I invited the Sistahs to come to Canton with me.  Only two could make it.  Boo.  We had a fun time anyway - next time all 3!
Canton is always good to inspire new decorating trends.  Hanging bed springs were everywhere.  Who knew?
 I totally fell in love with this tumbleweed chandelier.  Must have.  Now.
We, of course did this thang over Halloween weekend.  Our actual Canton date was Halloween Eve.  I had wanted to wear my Halloween duds, but thought it inappropriate.  This gal, however, did not.  I think her hair took her over the top.
 Of course, Christmas was everywhere.  I so wanted the reindeer sleigh, but I think Martin would have revoked my Canton privileges after getting the bill.
 So many vintage ornaments,
so little cart space.

Hey!  We had the best time ever.  I would love for this to become an annual thang.

Y'all Come Back Now, Y'hear.

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