Saturday, November 15, 2014

Closer to Real Time

 Today is Saturday.  It's a cold Saturday.  Henry camped with his troop last night and I picked him up around noon today.  Martin and Hayden went bird hunting.  I'm giving Henry some time to thaw out while I make a bundt cake.  I'm actually taste testing bundt cakes for our Relief Society Christmas Party.  I'll let you know which ones make the cut.
Since I am in baking mode, and I'm still playing catch-up, here is the chocolate chip cookie creation that we recently made.  Always a big hit.  This time, however, I used Trade Joe's chocolate chips.  Un.Be.Lievable.
I've been working on pin cushions.  I"ve been thinking about an Etsy store.  A friend of mine has offered to help me.  Hmmm. l'm still pondering, but this little bunny friend is helping me to decide.
Our ward stepped up to help one of the Title One schools in our district with their Fall Festival this year.  I made treats for the cakewalk.  Although I was lame on the Halloween decoration scene, I did do my part in the baking area.

These cookies, by the way, are copycats of those grocery store sugar cookies with the thick icing.  Pretty close and easy to make.  Yes, I'll share.
If you are unaware, Texas is the land of the flea market, church bazaar, trade days and any other event that can cause people to shop in odd places and usually in the out of doors.  There is one Christmas Bazaar that my friend Ruth Anne and I go to every year and it's actually indoors.  The School District puts it on at one of the high schools.  We were not disappointed this year.  I came across this little metal pumpkin that probably saved my outdoor scheme.  Ok, not so lame.

I forgot to link to the baked doughnut recipe from my last post, so here it is - Baked Doughnuts from Krissy's Kreations.

Oops, my cake is just coming out of the oven, so more catch-up later!

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  1. Thanks for the doughnut recipe. I can't wait to try it. Glad to see you have figured out the picture thing. I like reading your blog