Friday, May 22, 2015


Oh, my, it has been nearly a month and I've been silent.  Well, let's see if we can get back into the habit of documenting the good stuff.

So much has happened that IS good.  We are busier than ever and this school year is winding down very fast.

With Henry starting high school next year, I feel as if I'm out of my league.  I'm a novice again and I hope I'm helping him make the right choices.

He starts seminary this fall.  He starts going to youth dances.  He will attend his first EFY in a few weeks.  He will be going on his first High Adventure.


Overwhelming is the best word I can think of.

So, I've decided to use the technique I would use when the boys were small and they just couldn't get their minds of wanting something or doing something that needed to stop.  Re-direct.  And it would work.  So, here goes.  A little re-direction.

On my way to French class last night,  I was trying to open a bottle of water that I had put between my legs so I could open it with one hand. It was rush hour and I obviously couldn't let go of the wheel with my left hand.  It worked, but as I used extreme pressure to open the cap, the bottle was squeezed and a good amount of water squished out of the bottle and onto my lap.  And between my legs.  And pooled on the seat.  And continued to climb up the back of my pants nearly reaching my waistband.  I had 20 minutes left of the drive and everything was squishy.  Good thing I was wearing a sweater.  I immediately came up with ideas to quickly get out of the truck and wrap the sweater around my waist to hide the fact that I had clearly peed my pants.  All I could remember was the time Henry was 10 months old sitting in his car seat and had a diarrhea accident and it all squished up his back and when I went to take him out of the car seat it was comical because it was so everywhere that I just kept him in the seat and took him into the hotel room where we were living in at the time and sat him right in the tub.

Thank goodness I was wearing gray stretch pants and not jeans.  They stayed wet, but the wetness didn't show up, so I was able to sit through class undetected, except for the fact that I felt like I was wearing a diaper the whole time - a wet diaper to be exact.

So, next time you need a little re-direction, I give you permission to imagine me in my peed gray pants trying to conjugate French verbs and learning how French people tell time and how they use possessive adjectives.  You're welcome.

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