Monday, April 27, 2015

The Birthday That Leads To Dancing

 It started in first grade.  Here in Texas, everything is big. So when there is a birthday, you bring cupcakes and share them with your whole class.  In Henry's first grade class, someone went BIG and their mother brought the Cookie Cake to share instead of the cupcakes.  That was it.  Henry has never stopped talking about the Cookie Cake.  In fact, that's what he has insisted that I bring to his birthday party at school every year since.  Sadly, when the Obamas took up residency at the White House and Mrs. Obama declared that all schools had to serve only healthy food, the Cookie Cake and all the cupcakes were no longer welcom.  They were banned.  So Henry has always asked me to make one for him.  This is the first year I actually did it.  I scoured pinterest and found that there are many versions of the Cookie Cake and I chose this one.  It called for three layers of chocolate chip cookies - regular chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip and funfetti chocolate chip.  We only made the two layers of regular and chocolate.  I'm not sure I could ever get my arms around anything with the word "funfetti" in it.  It just feels wrong.
Anyhoo, Hayden helped me make it for Henry and it came out great.  We chose a different frosting and it really took it over the top.  We piped it on and decided it needed a little more oomph.  
 I found these crazy sparkly pom poms on a stick at Anthro that were originally $20 for 4.  I pair $1.95 for them.  I put the biggest one in the middle of Henry's cake.  He was not amused.

On that note here are the things that Henry is not amused about since turning 14:

1.  The sparkly pom pom on his cake.
2.  His dad asking the waiters at Carrabba's to sing "Happy Birthday" to him in Italian
3.  Me asking him to "smile" a zillion times so I can take his picture to record his big day
4.  One of the sister missionaries asking him if he was now excited to go to Stake Dances
5.  Me telling the sister missionary that he didn't want to go but that he would have to to practice his social skills
6.  Me actually thinking that, at 14, he doesn't know anything about girls.  Or social skills.

I'm such an idiot.

We are so proud of Henry.  He is really maturing and growing every day.  He has passed me in height and is nearly as tall as his dad.  He is smart and funny and I love being around him.  He is amazing.

Happy Birthday, Henry!

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