Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Highlights of our Trip

We had so much fun in Maine it was hard to come back.  Here are some highlights of our trip, then I'll stop the ranting.
 A buoy in the harbor.  I love the colors of Maine.
 Evening cruise.
 The colors again!
 Two little ones waiting for the ferry to dock.
 One of the "Lights" of Two Lights State Park.
 Our Bed & Breakfast where we stayed Thursday night.
 Little church by the sea.
Old quilts at the antique mall.
We drove back to Portland on Friday morning and got some lunch then decided to go to a movie before our evening flight.  We saw Harry Potter 7.  Loved it.  After the movie, I ducked into the Ladies' Room and when I turned around to flush I nearly died laughing.  I'm sure you can't read it, but it says "Ministry of Magic" with the arrow pointing to the bowl.  Anyway, now you know the secret entrance!

P.S. We'll be purchasing Summer Home #1! (After we win the lottery - ha!)

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  1. what an amazing trip! i would love to visit maine. it looks beautiful.