Monday, July 25, 2011

More from Maine

While Martin spent time in his meetings I was free to roam.  I had been told about the Outlet Mall in Freeport, Maine - about 20 miles north of Portland.  On the way up I took a wrong turn, so I pulled into a parking lot to turn around and I was right in front of Cotton Weeds!  Fabulous little quilt shop.  Anyway, finally made it to the outlets.  So neat!  The outlets WERE the village.  All of the old downtown buildings were converted to shops.  It was really cool and quaint.
 Probably hard to read the sign, but that is Bath and Body Works.
 The Reebok Outlet in a very cool old house.
This was one of my favorites.  Banana Republic in an old inn.  The whole street was like this.  I had a great afternoon.

That night we were invited out with another group from the conference.  We took a ferry boat to Little Diamond Island and ate at the restaurant there.  It was spectacular.  I took photos of some of the homes on the various islands.  Had a hard time deciding which one we wanted to purchase for our summer home.
 Bachelorette number 1
 Bachelorette Number 2
 Bachelorette Number 3
 Bachelorette Number 4
Bachelorette Number 5

Which one would you choose?  I've got my favorite.  Let me know yours and I'll reveal the winner tomorrow.  You know you're all welcome to visit anytime!

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