Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthday Month is Back

 Some people actually think I'm kidding when I say Martin forgot my birthday.  I'm not.  However, one thing Martin does well is adapt.  He told me he would take me wherever I wanted to go.  I said, "Let's go to Trader Joe's".    We went to the new Trader Joe's for our mini date, then walked next door to the new Half Price Books.  I was excited because I had a coupon.  They don't do coupons very often, but when they have one it is 40% off one item.  I try to find a really nice quilt or sewing book and save a bundle.  I found this one.
 It is a beautiful book and originally priced at $75.00.  Yikes.
 It was marked at $12.49 and with my 40% off coupons, it came to $7.49.  Martin was wowed and said that since it was Birthday Month, he would let me choose another.  Generous.
 This was also nice.
$25.00 down to
All together about fifteen bucks.  Martin told me I was a cheap date and that he was sorry for missing my birthday.  He said he would make it up to me.  Stay tuned.

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