Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy National Quilt Day

 Well, I think I've solved the mystery.  The one where my own family forgot my birthday.  Not to keep harping on it, but it all became very clear - on my birthday.  Martin had taken the boys to a dirt bike competition and I felt like getting out.  After all I believed it was my birthday. I felt it was my birthday. I had wanted to go to the downtown museum that is housed in the old McKinney post office. So I did. Fabulous old building.
 I wanted to go to the museum because they were having a quilt show with Civil War Era quilts.  There were some beautiful examples.  Lots of embroidery and just lots of fun.
 While I was admiring this beauty, one of the museum matrons came up to me and said, "Welcome to the museum and Happy National Quilt Day."
 I had no idea that I share my birthday with National Quilt Day.  Obviously I have been overshadowed.
 This is a memorial quilt made for someone who was loved.  It was given to her family after she died.
 Each person signed their name around the suns and the quilters embroidered them in.
 I felt so much better after learning about NQD.  What a relief.  Of course that is on everyone's minds, not my birthday. 
 Just look at the little piece of pink in each flower bud.  All separately sewn in.
 There were many crazy quilts.  I love the individually embroidered blocks in this one.
The old post office was something of a marvel.  I love this triptych mural.  They are supposedly common in many old Texas post offices.
 I want this clock piece in my house please. 
 We were invited downstairs for the "turning of the quilts" and were reminded again that it was National Quilt Day!  How embarrassing.  Here I thought it was my birthday.
Once inside this interesting basement room, I wandered a bit before they started turning the quilts.  There was a board with old photos of McKinney past.
 Old cemetery.  Love.
 Did you know that McKinney's wealth came from cotton farming.  There are still several old warehouses around where the cotton was spun into textiles.
 Some old residents of the old town.
This quilt was on display in the basement.  It is Civil War Era, made by a 17-year old for her upcoming wedding.  Unbelievable.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died, but I got a few photos on my phone.  I"ll save them for a later day.

Whew, what a relief.  My birthday - I mean National Quilt Day will never be the same again! 

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  1. What a fun post. What a great place. Did you know that there is a mural in the St. Anthony Post Office? They use to value artists and architecture, why that has changed, I'll never know.
    Happy Birthday.