Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday Month to Busy Month

I've had to put Birthday Month on the back burner for now.  I did, however, have a birthday lunch with several friends from my old neighborhood this week and my visiting teachers brought over a bouquet of wild flowers.  Yay!

In the meantime, there have been so many activities that I just pour myself into bed every night and get up each day to start it all over again.

We had our ward Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday and my name was assigned to a dessert.  I cut open a sack of mini tootsie pops and poured them into a bowl.  That's about all I could do.

That morning I had taken Hayden to Webb Elementary for Gifted and Talented testing and spent most of the day decorating for Camp Write-Along.

All Texas fourth graders will take the standardized testing the first of April.  Their focus is Writing.  Most of the elementary schools in the area do a one week Camp to help the children have fun and expand their minds  during that week.  We as parents come together in the fall and choose a book that uses imagery and decorate the fourth grade hallway and all the fourth grade rooms to show a different part of the story.  It is kept a secret until they come to school that next Monday morning.  They spend the entire week living in the pages of the story.  Our parent group chose Narnia:  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

I was at school tutoring Math today and got a few pictures.  My room was the Beavers' den.  So far, it is the favorite amongst the students.
 This is the Wardrobe entrance to the fourth grade hall.
Some of the finer detail.
 You must pass through the coats and into
The Witch's Castle looks much better in person.  The teacher wore a blue gown and taught her class from the throne.  Cool.
 This is the room I worked on.  The Beavers' den from the outside.
 The Beavers' den on the inside.  You enter the den as you come into the classroom.
 Into the bedroom/sitting room
 then into the kitchen and eating area.  All of our props were child size.
The little pantry is my favorite.  We added a lot of detail.
 Last view from the outside.  My back aches from hauling all the wood!
 This is the entrance to Aslan's tent.
 The gals gave each desk it's own "tent".
 This tent takes the whole room.
 They had a poster made from a still picture from the movie.
Here is all of Aslan's gear.
 The main room is a scene from the battlefield.  The gal in charge got the McKinney High art students to paint these murals.  They got credit for their class for doing this.  The mural goes around the room and there are giant pillows in the middle that the kids sit on while they write.
 The murals were awesome.
 The centaur dude is my favorite.
I would love to sit on a big pillow surrounded by all this art.

Anyway, my week was consumed with this project.  The kids are loving it and we take it all down on Thursday!

BTW tonight is Blue and Gold Banquet.  We need a decorated cake.  Help.  Pictures tomorrow.

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