Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last Blue and Gold

 This is our last Blue and Gold Banquet.  We are in a new ward with different traditions than what we are used to.  We have always had the Father and Son Cake Decorating Contest at our Blue and Gold Banquets.    This year we have "Bring a Scout Cake to Share", so Hayden decided he wanted a Blue and Gold cake.  I found I was out of blue food coloring.  I did my best to make purple look blue.  I added a little black to deepen the color, but we came out with more of a "blueberry" than blue.
 They asked us to bring small cakes or cupcakes.  They didn't want too much cake.  Our Miette cake was the perfect size.
 I was able to accommodate the "gold" part.  Hayden punched out the gold tags that I had on hand.
We stuck them on with a bit of frosting and he was very pleased with our creation.  We added some tall candles and that finished the job.  Martin had a stake meeting and Henry had homework, so Hayden and I went to the banquet together.  It was a happy/sad occasion for me.  I said good-bye in my heart to the B&G watching one more thing pass as my boys grow up.

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