Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Stuff

I switched my Google Reader to Bloglovin because igoogle is going away, so if any of you are using Google to get your RSS feeds, you might want to try Bloglovin.

Anyhoo, on to other new things:
 New cookbook from Susan (keeping birthday month alive)
 New pompom bookmark.  Yay!
 New rocking horse.  I have searched for two years to find a vintage rocking horse to go on top of my armoire.  Always in the $200 range.  I did find one at Home Good a few months ago, but it was $60.  I walked around the store trying to decide, but someone else decided for me.  It was gone when I came back.  Found this little sweetheart at Tuesday Morning while I was looking for pots for my plants.  $29.00!   He's mine.
  Canton purchase on Friday.
Love the burlap seat cushion.  $45.  Yes.
 New roses for Easter.
We try to act civilized on holidays and eat in the dining room with real plates and silverware.  I thought some roses might cheer the place up - at least give it some class.

Tomorrow is Easter.  Happy Easter everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely. I can tell I would have fun shopping with you. I love vintage, shabby-sheek... whatever you call it. :) I just never have time to indulge any more.