Saturday, April 20, 2013

By the Bay

 Martin and I went to Northern California to visit his family and attend the funeral of his uncle.  We were also needing a bit of a break.,  We planned a day on either side to spend with his family and each other.  It turned out to be a nice trip.  On our together-day, we decided to go up to Berkley.  There is a restaurant there that Martin had wanted to try, but it was closed for renovations.  We ate at a pizza place that came highly recommended then stopped into Grapevine afterwards for a dessert crepe.
 We ordered a hot chocolate to go with it.
 It was way too difficult to decide which crepe to order.
 We waited and waited
 and this s'more crepe showed it.  We both agreed that it was surprisingly the best crepe we had ever eaten. We were fat when we left.

I was able to locate a fabric store nearby and shop a bit then we drove up to Oakland to see the temple.
 It was a bit foggy, but it just made the temple more beautiful. 
 We walked the grounds a bit and went into the visitors' center and chatted with the missionaries.
 The view was spectacular.  We could see across the bay to San Francisco.  The Golden Gate was covered in fog, but we could see the other bridges.
 Our last stop was to Miette!
 It was as quaint as I had imagined.  We bought a cake for Martin's mother and a few macarons for ourselves.
 We sat out on a little bench and ate our treats.
They were so good I almost went back in to get some more.

We had a nice time visiting family and enjoying a much needed escape.  It was lovely!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun time. The crepe looks divine!