Wednesday, April 17, 2013

R.I.P., My Laptop, My Friend

So, my computer died.

It has been a struggle to learn the new operating system on my new (well, new to me - I'm always getting somebody's hand-me-downs) computer.  I'm not complaining - I'm just sayin'.

Weather has been crazy here.  We've got another storm moving in tonight.

California update tomorrow.

We are down to six chickens.

I worked the Book Fair at school twice this week.

My dog is shedding in large clumps.

Henry turns twelve next week and advances to the Young Men's Program and will get the priesthood.

Coach Factory Store had a 65% off sale.  I scored.  Twice.

I found the most beautiful hydrangea bushes at Home Depot for only $9.99.  I bought two.  Found the same ones last year but smaller for $45.00.  I bought none. I am planting them near the dining room window.

I potted six red geraniums and updated my front entryway.  It's a start.
If they survive the storm, I will move onto the side beds this weekend.

Looks like my picture loaded, so I will be back soon with updates and pictures.  Whew.  I've been trying to get this to work for a week.

Hopefully back on track.

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