Monday, April 22, 2013


This was nice.  We went to California to honor Martin's uncle at a funeral.  Fortunately, funerals often create family reunions.  Martin was able to connect with cousins he grew up with and we spent some valuable time with his mother and had a wonderful evening at his sister's home.

This was not nice:

Being bumped from our flight on Sunday night while our luggage went on to Dallas without us.  We did, however, receive compensation for future flights, two toothbrushes, some toothpaste and a man's plastic comb.  What?

Anyhoo, we were put up in a hotel, had a nice meal at an Italian restaurant close by and washed out our underwear in the bathroom sink.  The meal voucher we got bought us half a breakfast and I was able to find hair spray at the airport the next morning.  We got home at 5:00pm Dallas time and got to sleep in our own bed.

I'm still having nightmares about the comb.

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  1. That is funny, but not. How easy it is to forget to appreciate the little things we take for granted. Like a comb and clean underwear. :)