Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back From the Fog

Martin and I got back on Monday from a quick trip to Northern California.  We attended Martin's Uncle's funeral.  More on our trip to come.

For now, pictures of a project we started the day before we left.  We thought that spring was finally here and so it was time to create our entryway.
 I put Henry to work drilling holes in my $4.00 plastic pots I got at Target.
 I decided to keep the red berries and the little green wreath.
 This little area needs some work.  I would love to plant a hydrangea bush right where the fountain is.  The pansies were part of a fundraiser from the middle school choir.  They now need to go.  And that water pipe. Not sure what we're going to do with that, but it is bugging me.
I bought these when I was in Canton and they were supposed to go into the pots the minute I got home from California.

Ha ha.  We got stuck in California an extra day.  We didn't get back until Monday night.  Bumped from our flight, but nicely compensated.  I worried that the plants would shrivel from the heat by the time we got home, but Old Man Winter had a surprise for us when we got back.  It was thunderstorming and 35 degrees.  Today was the first day we were able to really get outside.  I went walking in the morning, but froze my bottom off.  It got up to 50 degrees this afternoon, but with a chill.  

Tomorrow, I plant.

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