Friday, April 26, 2013

It Ends With the Cheese

 We had our last Pinewood Derby this week.  Hayden decided to go out with a bang.  He and Martin made the Cheese Car.  They cut their block of wood into a wedge and drilled cheese holes all over it.
 Some serious discussion with the weight judge.
 Hayden had a great time, although his cheese block was a little heavy on the back end.
 Hayden watched as his car spun out.
He did not win the race, but he won an award for the "Tastiest Looking Car".  Not bad for our last Derby.  I can tell you the happiest person is Martin, who dreads this day every year.  He says he's not a wood worker and it really stretches him.  I dread it because I don't like to see my boys lose or feel bad, but they always seem to pull through. This is just another sign of them growing up and me getting older.  Waaaaaaa.  Yes, after five Pinewood Derbies I deserve to cry.

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