Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mr. Henry

 The Birthday Banner went up.
 This was a great find at Canton.
 Handmade and each letter unique - and only $9.00!  But I digress.  The reason for today's post isn't about banners, but about one of the best boys in the world.
 Mr. Henry, who received this lame card from his mother, because she is not very creative in the card department.  He didn't seem to mind.  He was just so excited to turn 12!
 We gave him gifts in the morning before school.  Hayden found these for him at Trader Joe's.  Henry said it was the best gift of the day.  He is a peanut butter freak.
 My biggest assignment of the day was to make his Butterfinger Cake.
 Much better with the candles.  Henry decided he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his family at the restaurant of his choice.  Love it.  Easy for me.  On the way to school, he began texting.  I asked him who he was texting so early in the morning.  He told me he had talked to Dad and they decided it would be more fun to have a party and invite all of his friends for pizza and a party.  After texting nine friends, 7 said yes.  My day had changed - dramatically.
 It was a school night, so the boys came over at 5:30pm and jumped and jumped and jumped.
 We had pizza and started the movie at 6:30pm.  Halfway through the movie, they decided they wanted to jump some more, soooo they jumped.
It was over around 8:30pm and Henry was a very happy twelve year old.  We love you, Henry - Mr.-Almost-Teenager-but-acting-like-one-already!  Wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Wow! Twelve! Time sure flies. Happy Birthday Henry!