Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Project

 Yes, summer has been crazy, but I have tried to sneak in a project or two.
 I love getting things from IKEA because I love to say words like UNG DRILL.
 I got my tools and fabric out and started work on UNG DRILL.
 Easy Peasy.
 The glue gun came in handy.
 This was literally a 30 minute project.  The glue only took a few minutes to dry and I flipped UNG DRILL over.
 I made two UNG DRILLS!
 And I hung them up.
Then I took pictures.  I was quite happy with the results.  BTW, UNG DRILL was only $25.00, and I loved the resin finish.  They could have easily been painted.  The possibilities!

P.S.  The curtains are hung, but my camera doesn't do well with light coming through windows, so I am currently unable to post the photos.  As soon as I can afford a fabulous camera, I will immediately show them off.

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