Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Down Time

What do you do when everyone is skiing and you have a mountain condo all to yourself?  Normally when the boys are playing and I am given the gift of personal time, I wander and find adventure.  But, because I am convalescing and nursing my aching back, I am not out - but in.

I am not complaining, because being lazy and unproductive has never hurt me - ever.

I was hoping to doing some reading but I just couldn't get in the book club selection for this month - Beautiful Ruins,  ugh.

So I turned to the internet and social media.

Here are some fun things I found:

It's funny that I find these so amusing since my kids are older - maybe I'm just laughing because I'm finally passed this stage.

Anyhoo, Pinterest has seen a lot of me and I finally settled into a good book this afternoon - The Ludwig Conspiracy by Oliver Potsche, the author of the Hangman series, which I love.

Tomorrow I vow to leave the condo and find adventure.  I'm thinking it will be in the form of the Outlet Mall 15 minutes down the road.

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