Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It's finally gone.  The flu had me by the throat for almost two weeks.  It started while we were in Idaho while the boys were skiing at Targhee.  I took one day off to "get over it" then I had lunch with Mom, Rochelle and Chelsi.  I pretended that I was getting better.

Even on the way out of town we lollygagged and stopped at this restaurant and that shop and I just knew it was going to be all better when I got back to Texas.


We got home on Saturday night and I was finally able to pull my sorry self out of bed on Tuesday to go see the doctor.  Diagnosis:  The Flu with a secondary infection.  Because I waited too long to see the doctor I was no longer eligible for the Tamaflu vaccine, so I was going to have to wait it out.

Today I got my haircut.  I willed myself to get better because I could not re-schedule.  I feel human again today, but only barely.

So, tomorrow Christmas finally comes down.  Yes, it's still up.  This flu has jacked me up and I have to pretend that tomorrow is New Year's Day because I'm starting from scratch.

On the bright side:  I cooked a meal today.  I wore my new Christmas boots and I drove.  I think Martin is glad to have me back.  He doesn't have to be Mom anymore.  The boys are probably sad because he doesn't have to be Mom anymore.

Unfortunately I've missed all the after Christmas sales, and since I don't do much for Valentines, I'm holiday-free at the moment.  Not a bad place to be.

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