Monday, January 19, 2015

Worth It

I'm totally in catch-up mode.  The last box of Christmas was stored away in the attic today.  The boys were home from school for MLK holiday.  Henry spent most of the day wrapping up his Science Fair Project.  IT'S DONE.

Hayden and Martin went to the shooting range for an hour or two to practice.  I got the laundry caught up, the dishes done and paid some bills.  I can't believe how far behind I am since the Flu!

Somewhere in the afternoon I was quiet while Henry typed and cut and pasted away.  I had finished reading a book I started last week and remembered a video series I had started watching some time back.  I found it again and spent the next little while laughing to myself.  Well worth the next 45 minutes I spent.  Please indulge yourselves.

You must watch all four seasons.  So worth it!

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